In an interview at Mega, environment minister George Papakonstantinou expressed his view put bathatck Lucas Papademos should remain head of the Greek government after the parliamentary elections or there should be another prime minister similar Papademos.

He estimated that the elections will have a troubling character, which will be: "do you want the next day a government in which there is an alliance of ND and LAOS, with Samaras as PM and Karatzaferis as vice president (...) or a government which has widespread participation and in with a third person more likely to be in charge? I can not see who else could do it be besides Papademos". This statement caused an impression on many party members who do not belong to the Papandreou environment especially as it was made at a time of inter-party crisis in PASOK.

It is obvious that many are already thinking of getting behind Papademos to avoid their responsibilities or the political consequences of a party defeat. On hearing Papaconstantinou’s statement, top members of PASOK said that such a tactic during the election period will bring adverse effects than those intended, since it will acknowledge the reason for the existence of options for other electoral processes, especially when these procedures will be in full swing.