Evangelos Venizelos will express his absolute opposition to the extension of the pendency of the PASOK leadership tomorrow during the meeting of the National Council of the party. The Finance Minister rejected the timetable set by George Papandreou. PASOK President Papandreou asked to remain in place until March, when the PSI and haircut negotiations have been completed, and the new loan agreement has been decided upon. He stated this during the political council. “Whatever I had to say, I did say”, was the characteristic expression he used.

The proverbial ball is now in Venizelos’ court, and that of other leading party members tomorrow. At this time, the predominant scenario is that the Finance Minister will withdraw his interest in the leadership and stay loyal to his duties. “It is not possible for him to be dealing with this matter of the economy and also claim to be dealing with the party”, his colleagues state, and remind us that during the political council between Christmas and New Year’s, he had requested that the succession process be completed by January 15th so that it does not coincide with the critical negotiations for the haircut and the new loan agreement.