“Dear George I want to congratulate you on the courageous decision to step down as PM and PASOK president. On our joint path, despite the conflict in 2007, we bonded emotionally and proved that we mean well for the unity of the party”. With these words, Evangelos Venizelos began his speech in front of the National PASOK Council. Taking the floor immediately after Papandreou, the Minister of Finance stated that “the country is in a tragic state of affairs”, and added that “the coming three months are the most crucial in the postwar development of the country”.

Mr. Venizelos said that the effort being made for the country “is at risk of being annulled with a PASOK election campaign lasting for 2.5 months. This process is humiliating. I do not care about my designs, I care about the credibility of the country. What I asked for was an alignment of the timing of PASOK with the scheduled requirements of the country. I want to feel that when I negotiate, I have the entire staff behind me”.