PM addresses cabinet meeting

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PM addresses cabinet meeting
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Prime Minister George Papandreou, briefing the cabinet meeting on Tuesday afternoon, ascertained a general consensus during his discussions with opposition party leaders, mainly on European issues.

Prime Minister George Papandreou, briefing the cabinet meeting on Tuesday afternoon, ascertained a general consensus during his discussions with opposition party leaders, mainly on European issues.

Papandreou said that his initiative to meet the party leaders was undertaken by him in order to brief them and to discuss important developments "first of all" at European level, due to the impending EU summit, as well as "crucial domestic issues."

The prime minister mentioned to the party leaders the three main elements which in his view must be handled at European level and which are:

A. Stabilisation, fiscal order and stabilisation.

B. The serious supervision and the regulation of the monetary system.

C. Growth as a basic ingredient of economic policy in the European Union.

For all these, as the prime minister said, there are objections by such countries as Germany. And he explained to the party leaders that for Greece to be able to have a voice, it must maintain and strengthen its reliability. Underlining that this effort is a national one.

Papandreou also commented on statements by main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras that he requested (the prime minister) approval and mutual guilt. "I neither requested the one nor the other," he stressed. He added that he requested the self-evident, the assumption of responsibility and participation in the effort. "As far as mutual guilt," the premier said, "this also necessitates guilt." He added that "it is known who has the responsibility that we have come to this point and the people have attributed it."

Focusing on the bill being ratified in Parliament on Tuesday night, Papandreou said that "it is another step for our country's change for the better."

ND leader rejects consensus on government's economic policy

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras clearly rejected consensus on the economic policy followed by the government, during a meeting with prime minister George Papandreou on Tuesday at the Maximos Mansion.

Speaking to reporters from his office shortly after the 70-minute meeting, he said the talks were held in a good climate, and all current issues, the economy and foreign policy matters were discussed.

Samaras stressed that he will not consent to a course such as that being followed by the government, which is leading to unfair and pointless sacrifices without hope.

"I will not consent to that policy, because that would be complicity," Samaras said, adding that the prime minister was seeking from ND "approval of and complicity to decisions that the government has already taken".

The ND leader said he briefed Papandreou on his estimation that the government's economic policy was leading the citizens to despair and the society to dissolution, and called on the premier to change course.

He said that if PASOK was the main opposition party today, it would have "paralysed the country". Consequently, "I asked Mr. Papandreou to change course, to be himself the one who lends consent to development".

"There is no room for party egotims here. It is a matter of national survival," Samaras warned.

ND, he continued, has held an honest stance up to now, backing the measures that are in the right direction, but the country was currently in a labor Middle Ages, which his party will not accept.

Samaras said he also asked Papandreou to take "serious measures against tax evasion and corruption, given that the 'usual suspects', namely the law abiding citizens, the salary and pension earners, are the ones who are called on once again to shoulder the burden of the deficits and the debt".

He further noted that ND has asked for an off-the-agenda discussion in parliament o the national issues, and accused foreign minister Dimitris Droutsas of "outrageous views" on Turkey's EU accession course, the actions and statements of Turkish and FYROM officials and other foreign officials on the Cyprus issue, the status in the Aegean, the Exclusive Economic Zone, territorial waters, the FYROM name issue, "that give us the sense that the government is engaging in secret diplomacy".

KKE leader after meeting with PM: The real war starts now

"The real war starts now. The working people must realise that there are no solutions. Either they organise their counter-attack now or they bow their heads," Communist Party of Greece (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga stressed on Tuesday after a meeting with prime minister George Papandreou.

In statements to the press, Papariga also stressed her full disagreement with the government's omnibus bill, which parliament is due to vote on under "urgent procedures" on Tuesday night, with respect to the sweeping changes it introduces to labor relations and in the public utilities and organisations (DEKO), but added that the issue was not discussed with the premier.

Besides, she added, the bill would be discussed in parliament on Tuesday afternoon.

Papariga explained that the purpose of the discussion with Papandreou was to be briefed on the items on the agenda of the EU Summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday and on developments in the crisis in Europe.

The KKE leader further stressed that it is "given" that there can be no consensus with the policies followed by the government.

To a question that the messages from the EU are pessimistic, Papariga anticipated that the crisis will perpetuate and that the antagonism in the context of the capitalist system will be aggravated.

Even of the crisis is overcome, the economy will not reach the GDP levels of before the crisis, which will leave Greece and Europe in shambles, while it will also open up a new, worse cycle of crisis, Papariga warned, added that the real struggle, the real war, begins now.

LA.OS opposition to public sector wage cuts

Popular Orthodox Rally (LA.OS) leader George Karatzaferis on Tuesday expressed his party's opposition to an omnibus draft bill submitted by the government that envisions drastic cuts in salaries and benefits of employees in state-run utilities and enterprises.

The LA.OS leader made the statement after his meeting with Prime Minister George Papandreou, saying the party "showed maturity" when it voted in favour of the memorandum in order to guarantee the payment of salaries and pensions.

"Now, however, wages are being slashed," he said.

Leftist leader: 'We won't waste our time with meaningless handshakes'

Opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) Πarliamentary group president Alexis Tsipras, who declined a meeting with PM George Papandreou on Tuesday within the framework of the latter’s contacts with political party leaders, underlined that “today is a day of shame for the Greek Parliament and all the MPs who will associate their names with this setback”.

“We will be here in Parliament to give the fight against legislation that promotes social and labour humiliation. We do not waste our time with meaningless handshakes. We will be here to give a response based on arguments,” he stressed.

Tsipras called on the people to “participate in massive numbers in Wednesday’s nationwide strike to put an end to this policy that will turn us many years back.”

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